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Former Bronco tackle looks to fill the stadium with a little help from his friends (you)

Washington v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It hasn’t been too long since Bronco defensive tackle Elliot Hoyte was roaming The Blue. In fact, the British transplant is only a year removed from Boise it doesn’t take much to stir the echoes. The first season away from competing has to be strange, and Hoyte admitted as much when he was unable to attend or even watch the Broncos opener against Troy as work responsibilities took priority over what had been the priority just a few short months ago. But don’t get me wrong...Hoyte is still watching the Broncos and he’s a bit concerned by the number that are watching them least in the confines of Albertsons Stadium. So like most of Bronco Nation, he wondered out loud why that was the case and then decided to do something about it rather than psycho-analyze.

Two days ago, Hoyte started a GoFundMe page asking for Bronco Nation to chip in a few bucks to fund tickets for Bronco fans that want to attend Bronco games (specifically this Friday’s game against Virginia) but for whatever reason have been unable. Whatever your thoughts on the attendance situation...this seems to me an awfully nice thing for a former Bronco to do. Hoyte understands the culture at Boise State better than most, and he thinks his fellow comrades maybe deserve a few more butts in seats Friday night. Hoyte’s original goal of $2,500 has almost been met, and his stretch goal of $10k now sorta looks doable—so if you feel even a little generous, maybe you can help some Broncos in the valley cheer our team to victory.

This sort of pay-it-forward approach is not new to Bronco Nation...if you recall fans buying tickets for the 2014 MWC Championship and then donating tickets to fill the stadium on short-notice. OBNUG also came through in a big way for me personally a few years ago when you all purchased a pair of season-tickets for me and my son after we’d had to drop ours during a financial rough-patch. Things I’ll be the last person to pass judgement on Bronco fans that can’t attend (staying at the games is a different matter)—but certainly many would like to and would happily support our boys if given the chance. I’m in.

Fill the Stands

Update: The fund has hit the original goal but has changed the date to fill the stands for the Wyoming game