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Boise State Game Balls for week of September 3rd

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Bronco Sports saw some good wins, some disappointing losses, and some good athletic performances. Let’s hand out some Game Balls!

Game Ball One:

Raimee Sherle (soccer)

Last Sunday the Broncos made it past Big 12 foe Oklahoma. Which is quite the feat. Ms. Sherle scored the team’s (and the game’s) only goal. The shot itself was pretty good, you should check the recap.

Congratulations Ms. Sherle on a Game Ball!

Game Ball Two:

Sierra Nobley (volleyball)

It may come time to retire Ms. Nobley from the OBNUG Game Balls (which totes gives me an idea for something later). Being so early in the volleyball season, she keeps being awesome and keeps being back here.

Last week the Broncos went 2-1 at the UC-Davis Invitational. The Broncos beat Santa Clara, and Portland State while falling to tournament host UC-Davis. During the tournament Ms. Nobley took the prestigious honor of breaking a Mountain West Conference record:

Obvious joke is obvious: she’s a violent volleyballer. I do not really know a WHOLE lot about volleyball, but this record of hers is only going to get bigger. And, at least I think, the record may be untouchable for the foreseeable future. The Broncos have 24 more regular-season matches left in the year (no post-season to speak of unless they make the NCAA tournament). So one can assume she’s going to be adding a significant amount to this tally as the season continues.

As it stands, she has definitely earned herself another Game Ball.

Game Ball Three:

Cedrick Wilson (football)

I almost want to say Mr. Wilson had a quiet night. But getting two touchdowns and 147 receiving yards is literally the antithesis to that. On the play that netted Wilson his second touchdown the Washington State Cougars left him alone in single-coverage and I LOLed but in real life. Because you should not do that. He’s going to come down with the ball more often than not (against WSU he had 12 targets and caught 9 so this checks out). And two of those nine receptions were for touchdowns. Decent conversion rate.

Despite the outcome Mr. Wilson is going to get paid on the next level. We are fortunate to get him this season.

Game Ball Four:

Leighton Vander Esch (football)

I was at such an impasse here. My heart wanted to go with Deandre Pierce and his savage (but legal, and clean, hits) but my brain had to go with the leader on defense Mr. Vander Esch. The dude is going to go down as one of the greats in Bronco-lore. And I hope that he makes his mark enough to get to the next level. LVE had 16 tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble. I can’t speak for the rest of the Mountain West and how they did, but if that isn’t worth a MWC defensive player of the week shout out, then I don’t know what does. (I guess I’ll find out today some time.) At any rate, the man is a wrecking ball who is truly one of those “diamonds in the rough” we all like to talk about. And to that, he gets a Game Ball!

Your Turn

There we go guys. What did I get wrong? What did I get right? Let me know in the comments.