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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: I-Don’t-Want-To-Talk-About-It Edition! BSU Falls To WSU, Nobley Record

Boise State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Boise State drops one to Washington State on the road. Barely.

And, I would add, semi-controversially. I’m still not sure Mattison fumbled at the goal line, and I’m pretty sure WSU’s running back did. Perspective is somehow a little less clear from the sideline, and without the benefit of extensive, at-home replays, but those plays seemed questionable. That said, PERSPECTIVE: Boise State was in manhandle mode for 1.5 quarters in the second half, and this Bronco defense could be really special...and they’re soooo young! Further, it’s worth noting that Washington State, as much as everyone wanted to beat a ranked team at home, is not a conference opponent. Boise State is still VERY much alive for a conference championship and NY6 bowl game.

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