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The Fabulous Banner Boys

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Among the “newer” traditions in Bronco Nation, joining the ranks of the hammer, the Bronco walk, and the Frankenflinger are the stadium banners which greet Broadway travelers each football season. Every year, the giant banners are swapped out leading the honored Broncos to serve as waypoints for tipsy tailgaters on gameday (“meet us under Kyle Wilson...and bring bratwurst”). Today, after a year off from the individual honorees (last season Boise State featured photography with high-falutin Bronco facts and figures), the four featured players were unveiled and smiling was strictly verboten.

A fun mnemonic device to remember this year’s quartet is “The Wilsonville Hampton Inn is just past Perez Row” (it’s just a $6.75 Uber ride). Personally, I’m very happy with the choices AND the return to the all-senior slate, although some aren’t too happy with the facial expressions.

I don’t know if they look scared, per sé...but Hampton looks like he was given a state secret and Gabe Perez looks like he was told that WinCo was all out of hair conditioner. At any rate, those unis look fresh, am I right? Congrats to the disciplined, blue collar, passionate, and tough 2017 Bronco banner boys. Now if anyone wants to meet me under Jake Roh, we’ve got some malibu chicken on the grill.