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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 26, Avery Williams

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Can you believe we have less than a month to go for this whole thing? Feels like we are just about 75% of the way through the countdown. Something like that anyway. But now that we have 26 days left to go, we are going to look at a guy who was freshly minted with a scholly—Avery Williams

#26, Avery Williams, RS Freshman, CB


Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 194

High School: JSerra Catholic HS, Pasadena, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Mr. Williams is going the route of many other Broncos before him: the walk-on. He took a chance and bet on himself and decided to come to Boise State for the chance to compete and get a full-blown scholarship. His recruiting, overall, was kind of light. Searches in the Google machine can be tricky as there are lots of guys with the name “Avery Williams”. Mr. Williams was lightly recruited and decided to go out on a limb. Looks as though that self-reliance is going to pay off.



You like rootbeer floats? I sure do.


F. Gary Gray

Career Highlights

Mr. Avery Williams redshirted last year so “real” game highlights for Mr. Williams in a Broncos’ uniform aren’t much. But he was the Scout Team Special Teams Player of the Year last year, which was voted on by the coaches. And, as it turns out, that impressive play last year, and spring ball this year coupled with fall practices, also bodes well for Mr. Avery as he netted himself a scholarship (congratulations to Williams on that by the way).

During his senior year of high school Williams was named the Trinity League Co-MVP after rushing for 1,175 yards and 14 touchdowns.

2017 Prospectus

Avery Williams is listed “officially” as a CB. But with his body type, and ability, he could probably fit anywhere in the secondary. Which may have to be the case as the CB position is going to be a super-competitive one. Tyler Horton is at the top of the field corner back and Michael Young at the boundary corner. With Reid Harrison-Ducros and Jalen Walker right on their heels. Which places Williams at—wait for it—Sam linebacker. Which puts him behind Gabe Perez and an OR designation with Desmond Williams (no relation).

Avery Williams has positioned himself for success at Boise State. While getting an opportunity to get a scholarship, by outright competing well, he was able to do so. I would not count Mr. Williams out of any possibility as long as there is a chance. And the coaching staff probably is going to try to keep everyone healthy (especially Perez with two season-ending injuries already) by a copious amount of substitutions. While Avery Williams may not necessarily start a lot of games (I would set the over/under at five) the number of snaps he will see should be plentiful. At worst he will be a special teams demon and wreck some guys.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes! And, regarding his statement below, I am pretty sure I never did (and still do not) qualify.

Completely made up fact

If a star passes too close to a black hole it can be torn apart. If a football gets thrown to Avery Williams’s side, he will just literally tear it apart. Like, get so mad at the thing he will pop it and rip the thing apart from the seams. Don’t throw to his side if you value having footballs around to use again.