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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: MWC’s hardest schedules; XC teams ranked; Under the radar games

Cross Country: 38th Foot Locker Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Why do French people eat snails?

They don’t like fast food.

Bronco cross country teams are ranked

Both the women’s and men’s team are in the top 25 to start their season. The men are the returning Mountain West Conference champions and the women have Allie Ostrander (right?!). So it’s almost like they’re writing their own tickets.

A better breakdown of the women’s XC top 25

This goes into more detail (and is the actual article) for the above.

Is Jay Ajayi a top five RB?

Yes. (It’s about fantasy football.)

Jay Ajayi to appear on a prank show


Which Mountain West team has had the hardest non-con schedule since 2012

The team at top probably won’t surprise you (it isn’t Boise State). But the team with the best record/most wins? That DEFINITELY won’t surprise you.

A recap of Bronco alums in the NFL

Just in case you missed any of the former athletes on NFL teams.

Athlon with Under the Radar games this weekend

Yep. Boise State and Troy make the list.


Oh look, space probes!