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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Best Group of 5 assistant coaches; SI fantasy keepers; Charles Leno Jr.

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What did the recluse say to the bank teller when he needed money?

Leave me a loan!

Which CFB teams are always overrated?

Well THIS is some quite pleasant news. For the most part anyway.

Cincinnati Bengals possibly playing in the preseason?

This does include former Bronco George Iloka. And, as always, the coach was non-commital. I do not blame him. It is still the preseason and no need to injure, or aggravate, any of the starters.

Shea McClellin missing practices

While he is not in danger of being left off the roster, he’s still in need of reps. I feel as though he’s been playing catchup his whole career ever since the Bears tried utilizing him as a defensive end. He’s found his spot, but he just needs to get a chance to cement himself.

Sports Illustrated expansion team keepers

I wouldn’t be posting this unless it included one (or more) Boise State player(s). But which one(s)!? You’ll have to click to find out. And, yes, there are more than the fair share of Boise State players on this list.

Charles Leno Jr. getting PAID

And to think, he was sleeping on an air mattress at one point.

Oh the places Charles Leno Jr will go!

Andy Avalos sighting

Well kind of. It’s a video and Coach Avalos is mentioned.

The CFB data warehouse is back

Well kind of. A different format but the spirit is there. Looking forward to them adding some more features.


Word Soup. Seems to be just a randomization of words.