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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State runner; Matt Paradis; Tanner Vallejo; Darian Thompson

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

What do you call a woman standing in the middle of a tennis court?


Darian Thompson, so far, is the Giants’ starter

As long as he can make it through the season without an injury, he should be good. This will be fun to see him take the field this season for the New York Giants. Does make you wonder what kind of leg-up he would have on this season had he not been hindered. No matter. For all intents and purposes, he’s got this.

George Iloka is confident in the other safeties for the Bengals

The preseason has been none too kind to former Broncos. So it is rough (for me) to have to see him on the sidelines. But Iloka only has a few more weeks to go until he can get back on the field.

People are freaking out about Rees Odhiambo starting?

Cause I certainly am not. I am not a Seattle Seahawks fan, but he did well enough for Boise State while he was here, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be solid for the Seahawks.

Tanner Vallejo got a tackle the other day

So that’s good. This is a write up from a Nevada paper, so seeing “NU graduate” kind of threw me off.

Article about Boise State runner Emily DeMarco

The Boise State runner is in her second year about, boy, she’s a busy lady!

Boise State is Moneyball

This article should have been included the other day, but I was out of town for the eclipse and time got away from me. But this article deserves your attention.

Jay Ajayi is awesome, but his offensive line is ehhhhhh

Like the article says, Ajayi is “high risk, high reward.” I can only assume emphasis on the “high reward.”

Matt Paradis is still good

He could be the only returning starter for the Broncos’ offensive line this year. Could be a bad thing overall, but it goes to show how rough it is on the offensive line. And how awesome Matt Paradis is.


Bouncing Bozo. I know its improbable but I feel as though I am reaching the end of the internet here pretty soon.