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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football nabs commit; Ryan Clady; Kamalei Correa Madden score

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

What would you call Spider-Man if he was a valet?

Peter Parker.

Broncos picked up two RB commits yesterday

This one was a bit of a surprising one.

Now, normally we would have posted a stand-alone blog regarding Mr. VanBuren’s (verbal) commitment to Boise State. But, alas, Michael was doing interviews with the coaches while Casey, Drew, and I have “day jobs” (super-lame) that precluded us getting in on the commitment fun. But we were fully aware of Mr. VanBuren’s verbal and quite excite. Especially considering his offer sheet that includes UCLA. And, yeah, Boise State doesn’t have the best track record against the Bruins in head-to-head recruiting battles.

But this is an encouraging note:

I’m not sure who this dude is but, rest assured, his opinion now counts extra-double in my eyes.

Ryan Clady calls it a career

Man what a tough break for a legendary Bronco.

Injuries really hampered what could have been a Hall of Fame-type career. He really had the size, athletic ability, and just the ability to get things done at the left tackle position. I know that he will succeed in anything he decides to do. And whether that be selling insurance, being an executive that does something with hedge funds, or just hanging out at the retirement home, he will do it with awesomeness. Congratulations on a productive career Ryan Clady and all the best going forward.

Avery Williams now has a scholarship

I love seeing stuff like this.

Guys who work hard and make sure they get noticed by the coaches. Great job Mr. Avery.

Tanner Vallejo got some practice time with the starters at Buffalo

Today it’s just practice time with the starters, tomorrow it’s getting a lot more practice time with the starters!

Doug Martin ready to move forward

And that’s the most we can all ask for. I am really rooting for Doug Martin to get back in the saddle and show that he can succeed. I am really hoping for him to put up some big numbers for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Shea McClellin a Rob Ninkovich-type?

I have no clue. But if Bill Belichick seems to think so, what can go wrong? Shea has had to adjust to a lot of things while being in the NFL but he’s always been adaptable and wanted to put the work in.

Kamalei Correa has a Madden ‘18 ranking

Not going to spoil it here but it is, apparently, pretty decent.


A practical way of know whether to use it’s or its. I have bookmarked this page.