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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 16, Tanner Bolt

We are now down to 16 days in our countdown. In honor of this momentous occasion, we will be highlighting a player from a place with which some Bronco fans might have a bit of familiarity. That place is Prosser, Washington. The player, however, is not a Moore. It is freshman walk-on, Tanner Bolt.

#16 Tanner Bolt, Freshman, QB


Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 194

High School: Prosser High School in Prosser, Washington

How'd he get to the Blue™?

As previously mentioned, some Bronco fans may have knowledge of the place from which Mr. Bolt hails. The reason for that—for those fans that were living under a rock between 2008 and 2011--is that Saint Kellen Moore was also from Prosser, Washington. You know...the guy that went 50-3 as a starter at Boise Sate and won more of his games than any FBS quarterback ever? Well, Tanner also put together some athletic achievements of note. He was the 2A state player of the year in Washinton in 2015 after he put up 3,294 yards and 43 touchdowns and won a state title. This got the attention of Bronco coaches, and the rest is history.



Pretty easy, really. With those blonde, flowing locks and his last name being an allusion to an increment of lightning.


I actually feel bad about this, but...

Garth Algar from Wayne’s World. But NOT Dana Carvey. Specifically, the character he plays in Wayne’s World.

Career Highlights

While Tanner is not the second coming of The Chosen One (THAT WE KNOW OF), he did manage to win a state title for Prosser High. Which, despite his re-writing the passing records in Washington state high school football, Kellen never did. Some guy named ‘Jake Locker’ kept thwarting his attempts at it.

2017 Prospectus

Tanner Bolt, majestic mane aside, is a walk-on quarterback in a program that already has a pretty firmly entrenched 3-deep in place. The kind of scenarios it would take for Mr. Bolt to see the field this year are not scenarios I even want to think about. It would require injuries or suspensions of at least those three players atop the QB depth chart, which—obviously—would not constitute a net positive for the program. That said, Tanner is only a freshman and he does have a strong resume. With the success stories of tons of walk-ons before him, who knows what the future might hold for him? I just don’t think he’ll be playing much this year.

Is he on Twitter?

He is

...and it appears we may have uncovered his top secret plans.

Completely made up fact is a real website and the basis for where Tanner gets his fortune. But, while his othher billionaire pals Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and Oliver Queen use their alter egos for fighting villains, Tanner uses his football at Boise State. Which, as we’ve mentioned, might not be a super successful venture for him in the immediate future, but at least he’ll never stop a fight he’s CLEARLY winning against Superman just because their moms have the same name.

...and no. No * spoiler alert * warning. That movie’s been out for a year, and it wasn’t exactly life-changing anyhow.