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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Injuries abound for former Broncos; Boise State and Graham DeLaet; Kirby Moore

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If I ever saw a lion escape from the zoo, I am not sure what I’d do.

Probably puma pants.

Darian Thompson hitting milestones in his return

It’s always rough coming back from an injury like Thompson’s. So having the confidence to get back out on the field can be rough. Glad he’s showing up and getting on the field without worry.

Redemption for Donte Deayon

He muffed a punt against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But then did a good thing on the following play. I hope he is racking up enough of these good things to stay on the roster.

Graham DeLaet had a back injury during the PGA Championships

If I had a back injury I wouldn’t be bothered to get up to get a piece a cake let alone try to golf in a high-pressure situation. Still. Graham DeLaet came really close to eventual winner Justin Thomas.

Also, watch Delaet almost ace this shot.

A Minnesota Vikings game preview against the Seattle Seahawks

There is a Sam McCaskill sighting here! It’s not much, but it’s there!

And Chanceller James is done at the 49ers

This comes after tearing his ACL for a third time. Such a bummer for the former Bronco. Could see that one coming a mile away though. Unless you’re a star (are really important) you just cannot get injured in the NFL. Rough way to go. I wish him a speedy recovery and another opportunity elsewhere.

Jonathan Moxey grabbed an interception in a joint practice with the Jaguars

He’s been making a name for himself down in Tampa Bay. I just hope he does not have anything unfortunate happen.

Kirby Moore down at Fresno State

Going to be honest, I had a rough time reading this one. I mean it’s Kirby. And Fresno State. I have mixed feelings.

6 Group of 5 teams primed for success this year

Has to be super obvious why I am including this here. Give it a read.

The Coloradan ranks the MWC QBs

You will enjoy this one, I have no doubt in my mind.

The Baltimore Ravens’ 2016 draft class got injurred—a lot

That is a pretty crazy number of injuries and amount of time spent on the bench. Just hope that Kamalei Correa doesn’t fall victim to that injury bug again this year.

Also: some criticism for Correa

Well I certainly hope this author is incorrect.

This is a science/health-related link for Boise Staste

And this is important stuff being done here!


You will have to let this one load. Cat Gif Page.