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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Golf; Allie Ostrander; Graham DeLaet; CFB Programs & conferences

PGA Championship - Final Round Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Why are eye jokes worse than any other jokes?

They are cornea.

Boise State golfer Bryan Humphreys readying for the Amateur Championships

I don’t know a whole lot about golf but I guess this is a good thing? Mr Humphreys has been on a bit of a roll for the Broncos (yes, I know this isn’t under the Boise State banner) and is going to be really good when he’s done on the collegiate level.

Allie Ostrander out here changing lives through running

And apparently came up with a race in Alaska. So there we go.

Bronco men’s XC on this top 25 list

The Corey Ihmels is building something special at Boise State. He’s got some of the best individual women and a real solid men’s team. This should be a great year for the Bronco runners.

Also: a top 50 male runner for Boise State

Same website as the one just previous. Felt like this warranted its own post.

Three standout players at training camp for the New York Giants

Not going to say the name here because I want you to click on the link. It deserves the click.

Just kidding!!! (About not posting it here, you still should click on it.)

It’s Donte Deayon. He did a good thing yesterday at training camp and you should know about it. Everyone should know about it.

Graham DeLaet finished seventh at the PGA Championship

Congratulations to Mr. DeLaet on his finish. So weird having two golf links here.

Jonathan Moxey had a few plays in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last game

And a penalty. So that’s great.

Jamar Taylor comments about his ability as a corner

Definitely has confidence in his abilities. Which is good. I just hope he is able to follow up those comments with play on the field.

Will the absence of Matt Paradis influence Denver’s QB competition?

That is a FABULOUS question as I believe that Matt Paradis is the best player on the Denver Broncos’ roster (the rest of those guys, aside from Billy Winn, can kick rocks). So the “quarterback” of the offensive line has a lot of determination here. If Matt Paradis is sidelined, and the Broncos have to do something different, will that help—or hinder—the would-be starter? My answer? Yes.

Jay Ajayi back in pads for the Miami Dolphins

It was a non-contact practice, and he’s still under concussion protocol. But he’s got another physical issue to worry about. You can click the article if you want to know what it is.

Here’s two incoming from Bl**ch*r R*p*rt

Ranking the best FBS conferences. Ok. Fine. Sure. This is to be expected.

Best CFB programs since 2000. Yeah. I’m fine with this as well.

Rees Odhiambo saw some time in yesterday’s Seattle Seahawks win

There is a lot of shuffling going on for Seattle on the offensive line. Hopefully it involves a lot of Rees Odhiambo.

Tanner Vallejo injured in preseason game

I hate injuries. Especially to those Boise State players who really can NOT afford to be injured. I am no NFL roster expert but, because of this, I see the Buffalo Bills waiving Mr. Vallejo soon. I hope I am incorrect.


Well this is something. The largest collection of geometric puzzles. Have fun.