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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 19, Jalen Walker

Bowling Green Falcons v Boise State Broncos Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

We are in our teens now. Just a little more than two weeks for football. Today’s entry is off by just a skosh in terms of day/number matchup. While there are 19 days until kickoff, today’s entry is actually #19 on the roster—Jalen Walker

#19 (technically 17), Jalen Walker, RS Freshman, Safety


Height: 6’

Weight: 172

High School: Lawndale HS, Lawndale, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Mr. Jalen Walker was a lowkey recruit for Boise State when he signed on the dotted line in February 2016. He was a signing day surprise. He did not have much for offers, just Boise State, but that is good enough for me. He made it to campus and that is all that matters.



He’s a regular rebel.


50 Cent

Career Highlights

He redshirted last year so his highlights are still of the high school variety. For Lawndale HS he recorded 116 tackles, 70 of them solo, 23 for loss, and four sacks, and an INT. That effort netted Mr. Walker Defensive Player of the Year for the Ocean League.

2017 Prospectus

***WOOPS*** Mea Culpa folks. Somehow I missed Mr. Walker’s name on the Boundary Corner line up and looked at the safety (where Bronco Sports has him). So the below information is incorrect. So with that, let us amend the prospectus a touch.

Michael Young is listed as the starting BCB. To which is kind of expected considering the Boise State brought in a guy from a junior college. Walker is right behind Young. Which is to say Mr. Walker looks to be getting way more playing time than I erroneously predicted below. The loss of Jonathan Moxey to graduation (and the NFL) is going to be a growing pain for the Broncos. These two will look to be a stopgap.

The defensive backs are a bit crowded as of late with 12 Safeties on the roster. And, unfortunately, Mr. Walker seems to be buried a bit on the depth chart. Taking the preseason chart at its word, Walker does not crack the two-deep in either spots. Deandre Pierce seems firmly entrenched at the Free Safety spot and Kekoa Nawahine makes a solid case for Boundary Safety. Cameron Hartsfield is the backup there and he’s a senior. Jalen Walker should make a few appearances for the Broncos but it may be limited to give the starters a rest, or special teams. There is nothing saying he can’t get more playing time, it just doesn’t look all too likely at this moment.

Is he on Twitter?

Yup! But his account is still on lockdown. if you were so inclined to try and follow him, you can find him at @w_jalen.

Completely made up fact

In Japan, it’s considered good luck if a sumo can get your baby to cry. Jalen Walker tries to hold opposing teams to make them cry. Unclear as to the good luck thing.