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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State’s Allie Ostrander runs; Joe Martarano baseball; Kellen Moore; Jay Ajayi; Doug Martin;

Boise State v Virginia Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Why were the cows disappointed in their numeral collection?

Because they lactate.

Buccaneers podcast regarding Doug Martin

Doug Martin has had a bit of a rough go of things lately. His injury bug mixed with his drug suspension (still three games to serve) has hampered what was the potential to be a stellar career. And I agree with James Yarcho (author of the overview) that I hope he gets a lot of e-mails and messages letting him know he was wrong.

NCAA transfer rules could be changing

The NCAA has some good ideas regarding how kids could be shifting schools. There will always be conflict when a kid wants to leave a particular situation but that is a bridge he needs to cross. Hopefully something productive comes out of these meetings.

Jay Ajayi can repeat 2016 success, maybe

If by “maybe” he means “totally” then, yeah, I am on board. As long as he can stay healthy and nothing unforeseeable happens Jay Ajayi has the opportunity to be a real force for the Miami Dolphins. English accent and all!

Allie Ostrander running in Alaska

Good luck Allie. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Another Joe Martarano gave up football article

While we have all read, and heard, about all this stuff finding another writer to talk about it isn’t a bad thing. I also wish he wasn’t such a good athlete in general.

Is Kellen Moore the backup the Cowboys want?

Um. Yes? For me, as long as he remains on an NFL roster (and eventually qualifies, if he hasn’t already, for the player’s pension) that is fine with me. Though I do hope he gets another opportunity to shine.

Indispensable CFB players in 2017

Yes, I know it is Bleacher Report but someone from Boise State made the list and you will NEVER guess who it is.


Ball on a string. Because you know you want to.