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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Lyle Smith; Former Boise State players in position battles; New football commit

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Did you hear about the kidnapping in Nampa?

He woke up.

ICYMI: Lyle Smith passed away

Not that anyone who frequents, or lurks, around OBNUG would have missed this, but you never know. Mr. Smith was a pinnacle of humbleness and class. He helped shape Bronco football into what it is now. While the loss is huge, Smith living to the ripe-old age of 101 is an incredible feat in itself. We would all be so lucky to make it that long.

Condolences to the Smith family.

Broncos land a three-star commit from Hawaii

And the Broncos keep getting better, and bigger, with every addition. The Oregon offer caused some real concern as to where he would land. But definitely glad he chose the Broncos.

Kamalei Correa not ‘particularly exciting’?

Well. That is certainly one take regarding the possibility of Kamalei Correa taking the outside linebacker spot. I now have another reason for Correa to get the spot.

Surprising cuts for the New England Patriots?

Man. I’m stumbling across articles that just are not putting me in a great mood.

Demarcus Lawrence has thoughts about Aaron Rodgers

The article includes an interview with Lawrence.

The heat on for Charles Leno, Jr?

I can only assume Leno will use this added pressure to help lead the Chicago Bears to any sort of success next season.

Boise State College of Business and Economics recognized by the United Nations

This is pretty neat. Only three universities in the world were given this particular honor. This is the new award given for this type of research. First is the best!

Billy Winn on a position battle for right side defensive end

It’s as good as in the bag for the former Bronco. Right?!


Check out these HungryTrees. Most of these are just more creepy than anything. But I, for one, welcome our new tree overlords.