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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 43, Joe Provenzano

Only 43 days left until the Battle of Troy...which will ironically take place at NOT Troy, but here. In Boise. You can go. I hear they sell tickets and stuff, and it’s a whole thing. Crazy, right??

Today we will be highlighting...

#43 RS Junior, Joe Provenzano, MLB


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 216 lbs.

High School: Damien High School, Glendora, California

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Mr Provenzano came to Boise State by way of The Walk-On Road. Not as well known as The Silk Road, but then again, it’s at least on this continent, and we can get football players through it, so...who’s the real winner here?


“Joe Pro”

Strapping a GoPro to Joe Pro would be Fall Camp marketing gold.


Guardian of the Galaxy, Bond Villain, and (allegedly) Kurgan in the remake of Highlander, Mr Dave Bautista.

Career highlights

Provenzano is part of that BSU linebacking corp that has the capacity to become legend (I’m serious: Vander Esch will be good, but seriously, don’t sleep on Desmond Williams). As a part of that rotation, he made it into two games last year. In those two games, he accounted for 8 total tackles. 7 of those tackles were against New Mexico’s demonic triple option offense, and 4 of them were solo.

2017 Prospectus

JoePro has already gotten some game experience in the Bronco system which will undoubtedly put him ahead of some of his competitors at the position. However, in order for him to achieve a great deal of playing time, he would either have to do enough to supplant someone deeper in the rotation than he is (obviously), or—and this is a bad scenario for the team—the injury bug would have to make an appearance. And we all hate the injury bug. Almost as much as we hate the Turf Monster. Yeah, we still remember what you did to Malcolm Johnson’s knees, TM! You merciless savage...

Is he on Twitter?

Not that I can see, but I’d happily update that information if someone can inform me that I’m incorrect.

Completely made up fact

It’s ironic that JoePro plays at a position of such violence and that requires so much hitting because as a young lad, he was in the Gambino Family’s ‘Accelerated Hitman Program...For Kids’. Obviously his life took a different direction when it turned out that he was pretty good at the football, but it makes you wonder what could have been. Could we have had a JoePro/John Wick battle royale?? The imagination brims with possibility...