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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 44, Solo Taylor

Only 44 days remain until the Broncos take on the Troy Trojans, so today let’s look at...not #44. Because—PLOT TWIST—there presently isn’t a number 44 on the roster. So, instead, we’re actually going to profile another one of multiple players to wear #34: Mr Solo Taylor.

#34, RS Freshman, MLB


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 216 lbs.

High School: Rigby High School, Rigby, Idaho

How’d he get to The Blue™?

He walked on. Just like that. Walked onto the field, and * BAM! *...he was a Bronco.

Okay, no, it’s actually a much more involved process than that, but his classification on the BSU roster is as a walk-on.


“Hammer Solo”

Here’s the thing... the guy shares one of two names with “HAN Solo”, but he also plays middle linebacker—a position often referred to by interchangeable blunt objects and/or onomatopoeic descriptions of impact. “Thumper”, “Banger”...”Hammer”

So, he gets to be Hammer Solo.


Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill, albeit with wider features.

Career highlights

Solo was on three Rigby teams, in a row, that made the state playoffs—two of them the semifinals. In 2015, Solo was named to the All-Idaho 1st Team in the 4A classification. As a senior he played a little bit of iron man, racking up 5 rushing TDs on offense to go along with 112 tackles on defense.

2017 Prospectus

Solo Taylor enters a crowded linebacker room that already has a great deal of depth, decent experience, and an incoming class brimming with exceptional talent and size. For Taylor to see the field, like anyone else, he’d have to convince the coaching staff that he’s a better option than the already proven commodities on the roster and/or separate from that highly touted LB class that’s on its way. It’s a tall order, but I will never say never for anyone that’s shown enough to be a part of the BSU program, walk-on or not.

Is he on Twitter?


Although I can’t help clarify what he does or doesn’t have ‘Tiiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeee!’ for.

Completely made up fact

‘Solo’ is actually a nickname stemming from a pranking incident in which Taylor took things a little too far at a family reunion. The name has evolved from the words uttered under the breath of familial figures that were present for event: “So low, Taylor. So Low.”

We don’t know what happened, exactly. All we know is that the family can never go back to Arizona.