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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Allie Ostrander is awesome; Rathen Ricedorff dismissal; Bronco Classic tonight

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Track and Field: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What do you call a gorilla in a cement-mixer?

King Koncrete

Allie Ostrander the MW Female Athlete of the Year

Which is awesome.

How do you like that news Allie???

This honor actually deserves way more words than I am doing here. This does not do her award justice. But, unfortunately, we have these “day jobs” things that also require a lot of time.

Anyway. Allie Ostrander is going to go down in Bronco lore as not only the best athlete, but the most decorated. She is just an incredible athlete and seemingly capable of doing anything she feels like doing. I am truly curious what her limit is.

The other Bronco coaches put together some kind words for Ms. Ostrander. You should watch.

Rathen Ricedorff’s dismissal explained

That’s pretty rough. There was a chance for Mr. Ricedorff to get some meaningful playing time. But, alas, sometimes we make some poor decisions. I hope he is able to bounce back and get on the field again.

Reminder: Bronco Classic is tonight

Memorial Stadium in Garden City at 7 p.m. The home run derby starts at 6.

It’s only $5 for a ticket so if you are able to go, you should try. Sounds like a really fun time.

Cedric Wilson could be the next Jabrill Peppers?

These guys think so.

Cedric Wilson really just another Jabrill Peppers in versatility?


Wilson is better.

Nothing to see here

Just a freight train barreling towards you.

No big deal.

The Miami Dolphins with the eighth best running backs?

Ummmmmm... What?! That’s, like, your opinion USA Today. The Buccaneers are at no. 26.

Just another preview of the Miami Dolphins / Jay Ajayi

Just the usual stuff heading into the season. I just assume he will be great.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rooting hard for Doug Martin

So am I. So am I. Not only to redeem his football career in general, but his life. A lot of big things were/are expected of him and to see all that potential get put in jeopardy is both disappointing and frustrating. But if he can pull himself out of his struggles and really make a splash this year with only 13 games then that would be great.


Well here is a question for the ages: Is it Monday now? This is serious business guys.