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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Correa eyeing starting role; Charles Leno working

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What do you call a turtle missing one leg?

Turtle leanie.

Kamalei Correa thinks he’s got a shot at being a starter

As well as he should. I would have a problem if he didn’t have that attitude. He’s going to be a strong, consistent presence for the Ravens so him getting aggressive now will only help the situation. Would love to see him assert himself on the team, and to assert himself against his opponents in the NFL much like he did while at Boise State.

This is a take on the USA Today’s rankings of the Buffalo Bills’ defense and special teams

They see Tanner Vallejo as an overall positive. And that is all I care about so that is a win. For Mr. Vallejo. And for me because any validation of any former Boise State players is validation of me and my taste.

So, yay?

Q&A with Charles Leno

The preseason grade from Pro Football Focus wasn’t the best for Mr. Leno. But, like he said in this article, as long as he’s consistent, he will be fine.

Rees Odhiambo shared some of his favorite Amazon Prime Day selections

I have Amazon Prime and I love it. Amazon Prime Day is... overhyped. There are some decent deals, but nothing that I could not live without. I did get the Kingsmen a few years ago when it was available. That was it.

Former Bronco Ryan Finley one to watch at NC State

I am rooting for Mr. Finley to succeed at NC State. I want to see him go far there and, maybe, do some good things on the next level.


Ok. If someone were to buy me these Nintendo-themed Jordans it would not hurt my feelings. I also would not object to someone starting a GoFundMe on my behalf for said shoes. Just throwing that out there.

(And, yes, I am just joking of course. Just want to make that clear.)