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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State award watch list; Iloka engaged; Martarano in Eugene

Philadelphia Eagles v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Whatever you do, don’t spell ‘trap’ backwards.

Well now THIS is interesting

The former Bronco assistant coach resigns from San Jose State.

That is a huge blow for the Spartans. They were making pretty big headway with Wojcik at the helm. Going from 2-28 his second year to 14-16 his fourth year. That’s some serious ground he was making. Who knows what his reasons were, but hopefully they are resolved soon.

Ranking 17 CFB nonconference games

Three Mountain West Conference teams make appearances here. What’s noticeably absent? Any AAC teams. Interesting. Veryyyyyyy interesting.

Former Bronco, George Iloka, gets engaged

And he can sing, apparently!

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals safety!

Former Bronco Joe Martarano back in Eugene for baseball

Well his stint in the AAA was short-lived. I guess the stat line I pointed to earlier was a bit of foreshadowing. He was 4-24 in his at bats in the week he was in the higher league. Seems like the Cubs organization pulled that plug pretty quick. He was only given a week. Seems like a pretty small sample size. At any rate, Mr. Martarano will get to the big leagues eventually.

It is award watch list season

And obvious Bronco selections are obvious. Mr. Dave “The Moa Constrictor” Moa is up for the Bednarik Award. And Mr. Brett Rypien has an opportunity for the Maxwell Award. These two Broncos could have a special season in front of them. How cool would it be to add these awards to their mantle?


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