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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State basketball news; Matt Paradis; Bob Stoops

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I go to see the ocean once a year.

I think it is starting to like me because it waves every time.

Bronco MBB MW/MVC challenge is set

The Broncos are squaring off against Loyola on November 28th. Last year the challenge did not bode well for the Broncos with a loss against Evansville. With the matchup in the Taco Bell Arena it could be an opportunity for Boise State to get on the right side of that win/loss column. Cross your fingers!

Other MBB news: Chris Acker joins the coaching staff

Coach Acker comes from University of Hawaii. Looking forward to seeing what he contributes to the staff and his knack for player development. That or a big presence in Australia? Seems to have worked for Boise State in the past.

The dude who lost to Boise State that one time retires

Have to say, with a career like Bob Stoops’, can’t really blame him. With the money he, presumably, has in the bank he must have a real opportunity to be a man of leisure. The overall timing seems kind of funky. Especially in the offseason with all those locked-in kids who committed to him. I know Stoops’ assistant coach OC Lincoln Riley is going to be the new head coach it still makes things tough. (Side note: Riley is only 33. Holy cow!)

Matt Paradis: currently the best

Which. Obviously.

Seeing this guy continue to be awesome warms my heart. Who knows how long he will be able to keep up the high level of play, but here’s to many more years to come!


Muffin films. Was not able to watch too many of these so be wary of any not safe for work clips. But they are about muffins! How bad could they be?!