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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB Hermida; A total eclipse of the schedule; Swimmers

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Oregon v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images





Bronco WBB basketballer, Marta Hermida, leads the Spain U20s to wins

It is always interesting to me the different schedules these athletes have to subject themselves to “stay ready.” I know that leagues outside of the NFL aren’t really a thing but, even if hey were, joining those outside organizations would be quite prohibitive. Meanwhile basketball has all sorts of tournaments and opportunities to showcase skill. Ms. Hermida did that in this tournament helping Spain get to 2-1 overall. Kudos to Hermida.

Bronco swimmers still going strong

Emma Chard, Ally Kleinsorgen, Emily Mathis have been representing Boise State well. And that trend does not appear to be slowing down. This trio of Broncos looks to bring some wins back home with them. And I, for one, salute our new swimming overlords.

Bronco men’s golfing also doing a good

Mr. Brian Humphreys is continuing his reign of good golf. Even going so far as to get a second-place finish in this tournament. Can’t wait for him to get back into the safe compounds of the Mountain West so he can win again.

Pro Football Focus sets Jay Ajayi expections to: high

And, wow, the number of yards these guys have set to Ajayi seems... a lot. This could be a gambling ruse. Or he could just have himself quite the season. I am hoping for the latter.

Bronco MBB hoops commits still ranked

You will have to click to find out where these two guys are ranked. Hint: it is good news.

Boise State pushing back the start of school because of the eclipse

This is pretty neat. I think I also have plans to watch the eclipse. Do you guys?


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