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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State golf recruit qualifies; Orlando Scandrick; More Jay Ajayi; NFL Draft Hype?

32nd Annual Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular

Why does a milking stool only have three legs?

The cow has the udder.

Orlando Scandrick featured on Highly Questionable

And he talked about some ‘early mistakes.’

The tone of the interview felt odd to me. Orlando Scandrick was very stoic. Nothing wrong with it, he just seemed so stiff when giving his answers.

Hearing him address a lot of his “immaturity” issues also answers a lot of questions about the “bad” terms he left with Boise State. I still wish he had not left early (but only for selfish reasons, I am glad he was able to get a long career out of this).

While the interview certainly was not a “clearing of the air” it was good to hear some of this stuff.

Boise State men’s golf commit qualified for the U.S. Junior Amateurs

Mr. Skyler Eubank is kind of good at this golfing thing. Looking forward to him continuing that success with a Broncos hat on!

Archie Lewis gaining some NFL Draft steam?

Honestly: not sure. Take this next one with a HUGE grain of salt.

I checked out the website (Draft Utopia) and the website has not been updated in a year. I checked out the guy mentioned and did not see anything in writing. So while this is pretty complimentary, we may not be able to put a whole lot of weight behind it yet. But we can have some fun with it at least.

Sports Illustrated’s Top 10 CFB games this season

One is Boise State (duh, it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t) but the opponent may SHOCK you!

Looking for a Jeremy McNichols signing event?

Mr. Jeremy McNichols will be signing stuff at the Blue and Orange store this Saturday. If you have the chance, you should go and see if he will sign something as The McWeapon. That would be pretty neat.

10 Things Learned from NFL Minicamps (Sports Illustrated)

This one has a Jay Ajayi reference. I cannot get enough of that exposure that Mr. Ajayi is providing for Boise State. Though I swear the more popular he gets the thicker the english accent gets.

Bronco football added another commit

Which is always awesome.

As of this writing, the athlete hadn’t made himself known. But we will get a recap on him as soon as we all find out.


Try visiting The Famous Page. I do not really thing this page is accomplishing what it is trying to do. Be more popular. But kudos for him on trying. I guess.