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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Rypien...Twerking?, Coach Ambrose Honored, Athlon Preview

Saints v Falcons X Getty

Wot in tarnation?!

Who let Miley Cyrus into the Helmets and Heels event last night in a BSU uniform?!

Don’t worry. BSU still has the only non-green field in the FBS. (CORRECTION: We actually don't. Eastern Michigan has a grey one)

Also, can we just take a second to recognize this dude’s career??

In one of his NFL seasons in Cincinnati, he had eight (!!!) picks.

Stadium color coordination plans for 2017 are available now

You may notice (with sadness, if you liked them as much as I did) that there are no plans for a blackout game.

womp womp

Number one in the conference? I’ll allow it.