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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Fiesta Bowl Memory, SI ‘Top Ten Games To Watch’

2007 ESPY Awards - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Naaaaah. Not true.

I mean, it’s cool Fiesta Bowl 1 is featured in the Tweet, and I can honestly say I was pulling for Texas that whole season, but there’s no way FB1 isn’t number one. Obvious bias aside, especially if they’re including the whole trifecta of trick plays, it wins. Hands down. Vince Young was amazing and was so on the biggest stage, but he was VINCE YOUNG. He was SUPPOSED to be incredible. And he was, but he’s just one guy. That 4th-and-2 TD pass from Perretta and the Hook and Ladder with James and Rabb is (and literally WAS) unbeatable.

Sports Illustrated’s top 10 “Games to Watch”

Wyoming at Boise State made the cut but, honestly, probably only so they’d have an excuse to mention Josh Allen.


Like, seriously, I’m sure he’s probably a decent dude and all, but it really feels like a scenario from an Archie comic I read once as a kid. One person starts a rumor about Betty, and every new person that gets asked about it can’t NOT be in the know, so they pretend they already are and add their own addition to the story. By the end of the day, the rumor has morphed so far from the original thing that everyone at Riverdale High is basically exposed as being crappy and liars. Well...that’s how I feel about draft experts and Josh Allen’s pro prospects. I’m not quite gonna say he’s a Kardashian, in that no one has any idea how he ever became a big deal—he has measurables and he beat an undefeated BSU team—but the hype just isn’t justifiable to me, at this point.