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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State WBB & MBB schedules; Athlon QBs;

NCAA Football: Washington at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I went shopping for cherries and a microphone.

Bought a bing, bought a boom.

ICYMI: Bronco football lands yet another commit

That makes three defensive players and one offensive. One can only assume that there will be approximately 80 more commits. 60 will be linebackers and 20 will be QBs. It’s math. And math never lies.

Bronco swimmers still swimming

And still picking up titles. Seven Broncos went competed and the contingent took home six awards. Not too shabby of a ratio.

Athlon ranks CFB top 25 QBs

Not to toot the Bronco horn on this one, but Athlon gives the nod to the QB in orange in blue. Yep. That is one spot higher than, possibly, the greatest athlete that will have ever played on the Blue™.


Bronco WBB schedule released

The reigning Mountain West Conference tournament champions are going to be looking for some more wins. Another title. And another appearance in the NCAA tournament. If you have an opportunity to head to a game, you should try.

While we are talking about hoops schedules

The men’s team also has their conference schedule out as well.

Scott Linehan believes in Kellen Moore

Whatever keeps Kellen in the NFL I am all for. Especially if he gets an opportunity to learn and bring that knowledge back to Boise State in some capacity. I do not want it to be soon per se but I would not hurt my feelings if Kellen is holding a clipboard on Boise State’s sidelines in the next few years.

SB Nation talks about how Boise State could make the CFB playoff

I have not had the chance to listen yet but I assume it’s a resounding: it could happen!


Here is an interesting site. Astronaut. It is a time waster so if you’re just wanting to, well, wast some time, here you go.