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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State adds two recruits; Phil Steele offseason motivation

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What sort of money do you need to start your own landscaping business?

A hedge fund.

ICYMI: Boise State now has three verbal commits for 2018

The Broncos had one commit on Sunday (but announced on Monday) in LB Brandon Hawkins and one Monday with QB Zachary Wilson. While the recruiting news, for Boise State, has been somewhat slow this year (only three commits so far) the summer is still pretty young (heck technically still spring). So to have this news come out fills the doldrums of the non-football season. I hope that the 2018 class continues to fill up with more ballers so we can continue to fill our times.

So Phil Steele has some projections for Boise State this season

And, well, it ain’t pretty. BUT to his credit...

He’s gone with the Broncos more often than not. And it hasn’t always gone that way (and the way we preferred). But having a chip returned to the shoulder will do this team some good.

Jay Ajayi a bargain in terms of RB salary

This hearkens back to how far he fell during the NFL Draft due to the “fears” of his knee. “Bone-on-bone” was how it was phrased. Well look who is laughing now?!

It’s the Miami Dolphin’s organization who is laughing. They got a guy who ran for 200 yards three times in a season for relatively cheap. Hopefully Jay Ajayi gets paid when his next contract comes around.

Jeremy McNichols ready to take charge

Even though he’s been sidelined for a lot of the early activities for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he should still be able to contribute for the team.

And also Jeremy McNichols is quite the focused go-kart driver.

Charles Leno looking to get a big check after this year

2017 is the final year of his rookie contract. If Mr. Charles Leno is able to really stand out for the Bears, look for him to get paid. If not with the Chicago Bears, then with some team.


You can check to see How Much Will it Snow.