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Boise State roster countdown 2017: Day 84, TE Jake Knight

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just 84 days until kickoff, so that brings us to #84 on the Boise State roster—Jake Knight.

#84, Jake Knight, Junior, TE


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 232 lbs. (-7)

High School: Rocky Mountain High School, Meridian, ID

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Jake Knight, it could very accurately be said, took the road less traveled. He initially accepted an opportunity to go play football at Oregon State, but then pivoted south and ended up on the track team at Auburn.

Yes. The one in Alabama.

This journeyman approach to college athletics was due to Jake’s multi-sport success, while at Rocky Mountain. While there, he won state in both shot put and discus. This went along with a highly respectable 27 catches, 526 yards, and 8 TDs, as a senior, on the gridiron.

In the 2014-2015 season at Auburn, Jake placed 13th in the shot after a 53-6.5/16.32m throw at the 2015 SEC Indoor Championships.

...but then he decided throwing heavy things around was as fun as it was ever going to get (I assume) and he came back to Idaho to play football for the state’s ACTUAL flagship university.

Yeah, I said it. Take your land grant and cram it, UI!


“Sir David Lee Orwell”

You thought I was gonna go with some low-hanging fruit about a position in medieval feudal society, didn’t you? Well, I kind of did. But I also wanted to highlight his jersey number’s sameness with Van Halen’s best album (‘1984’—Hence the David Lee Roth homage) and the terrifyingly prescient, dystopian masterpiece, ‘1984’, from the esteemed (and dead) George Orwell.


The only NFL QB to average 5,000 yards over two, consecutive seasons (2011 and 2012). Detroit Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford.

Career highlights

Thus far in his Bronco career, Jake Knight has only 2 catches for 56 yards. However, his career ‘long’ was a 46 yard catch and run that was a severe body blow to BYU in last year’s game. It came on the go-ahead TD drive.

It was beautiful.

2017 prospectus

As we’ve previously discussed, at length, the Broncos are ridiculously stacked at the TE position. We have 7 highly capable players on the roster already. More than a couple of which spurned PAC 12 offers to come play for the Broncos.

One would expect that Jake Roh will get the lions’ share of targets directed at TEs, but after that it’s anyone’s guess. John Bates has been garnering a great deal of hype, but Alec Dhaenens and Jake Knight have both shown some flashes of capability. With a second year of continuity from OC, Zak Hill, it seems highly likely that there will be a strategy implemented to take advantage of such a diverse and talented position group. Expect Jake Knight to be right in the thick of that.

Is he on Twitter?

He does not appear to have a presence on the Tweet machine

Completely made up fact

A local steak joint has a day of the week honoring Jake Knight. They call it “Jake Knight Steak Night”. It’s a hit among anyone with a soul.