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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: NFL RB 2015 draft re-rank; Boise State realignment stuff; Athlon

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Some advice for those of you in the moisturizer industry:

Apply daily. re-ranked the 2015 RB class

And, as one would imagine, former Boise State Bronco Jay Ajayi was looked upon favorably. Though still too low for my personal liking, but I am trying not to take these too personally. Miami Dolphins got away with a pure robbery with Ajayi in the fifth round. I assume Tampa Bay Buccaneers will reap those same rewards with Jeremy McNichols.

Boise State and BYU in the Pac-12?

I’m honestly only posting this for the clicks. I know it is Bleacher Report.

/Sigh... Listen: do we want it to happen? Sure. Do we want the great matchups and, probably more importantly, all that cash? Heck yes. But is it realistically going to happen? No. It really is not. It just isn’t.

(But, my goodness, how cool would it be if I was horribly wrong?)

A quick check-in with Chandler Hutchison

Mr. Hutchison has been on that NBA grind. And I certainly don’t blame him. Deep down, I do hope he comes back to Boise State—however—he has to continue to do what is right for him. He still has not hired an agent so he can still return. And, no, Hutchison has not been invited to the NBA Combine.

Having said all that, I am going to call my shot: he follows the James Webb III path and ends up hiring an agent despite all of this. I base this on no outside knowledge. Just pure conjecture.

Redshirt freshman rule tweek could be a thing

This would be a pretty awesome thing for Boise State (or any school really). It lets a freshman, who is redshirting, play four games his redshirt year and still be eligible for four more years.

Athlon ranked the MWC coaches

I disagree, obviously, but whaddyagonnado? 2017 should be a season that will shed some light on this stuff.


Going to do two of them today.

See the face of disapproval.

You know what you won’t be flashing the face of disapproval? This video below of this kid nutmegging people (yeah, I didn’t know what that term meant for a long time, but now you will know too).