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Scrambling for QB depth, Broncos land Kansas grad-transfer Cozart

Kansas v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

It’s been a few weeks since JuCo-transfer Rathen Ricedorff “rendered himself ineligible” and was released from the team. Because of this “rite of spring” where Boise State loses all available QB depth (remember, it was Thomas Stuart’s transfer that left the Broncos scrambling in the first place), it was rumored the staff might try to go after another transfer or late-qualifier. Today, that rumor was confirmed as Bryan Harsin’s cryptic recruit herald contained the hashtag “#ATF17” rather than ‘18 and led to speculation as to whether we had, indeed, nabbed a Ricedorff replacement.

A cursory perusal of Harsin’s recent follows turned up Montell Cozart, a grad-transfer from Kansas that had also followed Harsin and most of the recruiting staff. It seemed this was a pretty solid bet, but you never want to assume in college football. Thankfully, Cozart ended all speculation when he tweeted out the official news over the lunch hour.

Cozart is a redshirt-senior, meaning he’ll only have one season to play with the Broncos...but he’ll provide the depth and experience the squad needs and also—because of his scrambling ability—could have some designed wildcat type plays drawn up for him in 2017. He was a team-captain at Kansas, so it’s safe to say the Broncos are also gaining some solid senior leadership. If you’d like to see with your own eyes what Cozart can do, why not check out this handy video:

Welcome to The Blue, Montell.