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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! 99 Days Left Until Football, Doug Martin Speaks, Scott’s Slant On Rypien’s 2017

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas - Arizona State v Boise State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yesterday marks 100 days until the season opener!

Obviously, you should be reading the Obnug countdown to commemorate each of the dwindling days separating us from the impending awesome that is the start of football season.

Update on a former Bronco great

Listening to KTIK today, apparently the (obviously unofficial) word on the street is that the drug that Doug was tangled up with was actually Adderall. So, for those of you that were potentially worried about him slamming 8balls of black tar heroin, you can rest easy(/ier). The issue stems from what was an apparent abuse of an extremely commonly prescribed pill for ADHD.

I agree with Scott. All this Josh Allen hype and I’m over here like “...bruh, do you even first team all conference?”

I also, however, vehemently disagree about the grey uniforms. I think those should stay forever and ever and ever and ever.