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Boise State Game Balls for week of May 14th

PGA: AT&T Byron Nelson - Final Round Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We are coming near the end folks. This week are the NCAA West Regionals. There will be some highlights there. For now, kind of slim (and obvious) pickings. So lets get going.

Game Ball One:

Brian Humphreys (golf)

Mr. Humphreys did quite well for himself for his first season at Boise State. He won the Mountain West Conference Championships which punched his tickets to the NCAAs. At Stanford he finished 57th at 11 over. He gets this Game Ball because he was able to put together a good end of season. Looking forward to his future at Boise State.

Game Ball Two:

Kesley Broadus (softball)

The Broncos had started their post-season with a loss to Weber State. That sparked a need to win four more games to make it out of the regionals. Broncos almost did just that too. They took down their next two opponents: San Diego and Utah State (which had taken the regular season series against the Broncos). Those two wins secured Boise State’s opportunity to advance, but all they needed to do was beat Weber State two more times. No easy task. But the Broncos took the first rematch with some outstanding pitching by Ms. Broadus. The Boise State freshman pitched seven innings with only allowing five hits and one run. Emphasis on the one run part because that, and some heavy bats by the Boise State sluggers, helped bring a victory for the Broncos 5-1. This sealed a win for Broadus.

Unfortunately the Broncos fell on the next game to the Wildcats. Can only win so many. But the Broncos had 33 wins this season. A fantastic turnaround from 14 last year.

Your Turn

Like I said, pickings were a touch slim. The athletic year is coming to a quick conclusion. Keep an eye/ear out for the track & field team this week.