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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: FloTrack includes Boise State; Multi-sport Octavius Evans

Track and Field: USATF Classic Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I used to have a job collecting leaves.

I was really raking it in.

Jeremy McNichols in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers gear

I did not realize that this was still kind of a thing.

If I were the type of guy to collect sports cards likes this, I would be down for his. Though at $9.99? Seems like of steep for one card. But, I dunno, maybe it is an investment in the future? What if there is some sort of fire and there is only one left in the world and it becomes the most valuable football card in the world for some reason? That would be pretty neat.

(Yes, I am aware that Michael addressed this topic yesterday, but I felt that I needed to add my $0.02.)

Boise State football signee Octavius Evans is a good athlete

And, man, can he also play for the basketball team?

The emphasis on multi-sports athletes is really nice. And when you have a kid is super good on the hardcourt as well? Can’t be too shabby. Congratulations to Mr. Evans on these accolades and looking forward to him adding some more.

Flotrack with NCAA west preliminary thoughts

And, of course, our very own Ms. Allie “Gonna ruin your track day” Ostrander is a primary takeaway. She can run whatever race she wants and you have to account for her. As a reminder: she will be focusing on the 3K steeplechase and the 5K. She will not not do well. It will basically be awesome.