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Boise State Game Balls for week of April 23rd

2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships - Day Two Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Nearing the end of the line. Tennis is now done. As is golf (except for Brian Humphreys who is going to the NCAA Regionals. Only ones really still going are softball and track & field.

Game Ball One:

Brian Humphreys (golf)

Mr. Humphreys led the way for Bronco golf. Winning the Mountain West Conference as an individual. He will be representing the Broncos at the NCAA Regionals. That’s a pretty impressive showing for a true freshman. Golf is such a mentally challenging sport, good on Humphreys for making it look easy.

Game Ball Two:

Allie Ostrander (track)

Whenever you see the name “Allie Ostrander” in any competition you may as well just hand her the first place medal/trophy/ribbon/Game Ball because she’s going to win said prize. This was nothing new as she took the 5k race at the Boise State hosted Border Clash. The coaches are easing her back into competitive form but, my goodness, she just makes everyone else look silly.

Game Ball Three:

Courtney Hutchinson (shot put)

Ms. Hutchinson took the shot put title at the Border Clash and has now, as a redshirt junior, left her mark on the Boise State record books. To the tune of being the no. 2 shot putter (Is that the correct way of saying that? I never know.) in Boise State history.

Your Turn

The Boise State track & field team won 12 events at the Border Clash. Putting all the winners here would be... cumbersome. So we are ending it here.