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Boise State Game Balls Week of May 7th

Track and Field: Pac-12 Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are sniffing the end guys. Depending on how the next few weeks go, we may end up skipping an edition of Game Balls.

Game Ball One:

Cassidy Edwards (softball)

Last weekend the Broncos has their first series sweep in three years. While the sweep was a team effort, Ms. Edwards came up big in the final game with two hits and a run. The Broncos took the last game 4-1 so being able move the runners along the bases was crucial. And Edwards did what she needed to do.

Game Ball Two:

Yusuke Uchikoshi (track)

Mr. Uchikoshi came away with the Mountain West Conference Outdoor title in the 3k. This also garnered him All-MWC honors as well. I will never quite understand that particular race but, hey, a win-is-a-win.

Game Ball Three:

Sadi Henderson (track)

Ms. Henderson followed up her Mountain West Conference Indoor 800m win with a complementary outdoor version. Safe to say Henderson is quite good at running the 800m and will represent well at the NCAAs.

Game Ball Four:

Allie Ostrander (track)

Ms. Ostrander took home a 10k MWC title. On her first run. Because of course she did. Why wouldn’t she have. She then ran the 5k and I am not even sure how to type this next part, but, she took second place. That... that just doesn’t make sense to me. It is an odd cognitive dissonance to write the words “she did not win her race.” I have troubles computing that.

In all seriousness running a 10k race at a high level (and winning in spectacular fashion like she did) is going to make for running other races more difficult. Kudos to Ostrander for nabbing a second-place finish in the 5k. All I know is, if I had to run a 10k, then turn around for a 5k, I would have laughed in your face.

Your Turn

So anyone else stick out to you guys?