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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Chris Carr after football; Boise State in the post-season

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

What’s the difference between unlawful and illegal?

One will get you thrown in jail, and the other is a sick bird.

Former Bronco Chris Carr really going places

This is straight out of the Washington Post so it’s kind of one of those “big deal” articles.

Mr. Carr has really got it “figure out” regarding the whole “life after football” thing. A super-smart dude who put in his dues on the field, finished with his mind intact, and is pursuing something that can be really difficult to do. All the while being a model for those who want to do something “more important” than football. I’m really glad we get to claim him as “one of ours” and hold him up as an example of the great things you can do with a Boise State degree.

Congratulations Mr. Carr on all that you have already accomplished, what you’re doing now, and all the things that are open to you. May you use your passions for something that can truly contribute to society.

Bronco softball in the post-season

The remarkable Boise State softball turnaround just keeps on chugging along. After a regular season sweep of the New Mexico Lobos to finish things out, the Broncos get rewarded with a post-season tournament. They netted 30 wins this year. After only getting 14 last year. To double up your win totals in a year is a testament to these ladies really putting something together and getting consistency.

Good luck against Weber State!

Brian Humphreys gets to golf and it has significance!

The Bronco will be teeing off down in Stanford and representing Boise State. I can only assume he will do so quite well.


OK. After mulling it over, I kind of want this phone.