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Boise State’s Allie Ostrander dominates Mountain West Conference 10k race

Cross Country: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t many more words we can use to describe just how purely good Allie Ostrander is as an athlete.

Great. Spectacular. Amazing. Stupendous.

All of those words seem to understate just how awesome she is at what she does. Tonight Ms. Ostrander decided to add yet another award to her mantle. She ran in the 10k at the Mountain West Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships. This would be the first time she’s run this particular race in a competitive setting while at Boise State.

Take a wild guess how she did.

Yep. In her first attempt at a 10k Ostrander took the MWC title handily. And only the second Bronco to do so.

That is incredible.

Want to see how she did in her final stretch? They say that coffee is for closers. If that is the case, then you ain’t getting a drop of this dark roast.

She absolutely scorches the competition to close this race.

Even the post-race interview Ostrander exudes confidence and class. Usually these are moments where the interviewer is trying to get “meaningful” information from a breathless competitor. Ostrander interviews like she just got done from a brisk walk.

If this were me in any competition, never mind winning the thing, if I tried turning on the gear she went into I would be spending the next 20 minutes trying to stop vomit-crying.

Congratulations to Allie Ostrander. Proving that, once again, our mere human superlatives mean nothing. And that whatever she puts her mind to, everyone else might as well sit out. Cause try as you might, you ain’t winning.