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Mixed bag day for Bronco basketball as they lose one and regain another

SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

What kind of news you feeling like today, Bronco basketball fans? Good news? Bad news? Bit of both?

Bit of both it is!

Let’s start with the bad news, shall we? Boise State will enter their 2017 season without the services of junior-to-be point guard Paris Austin as he has asked for a transfer release and received one from the school. As a sophomore, Austin averaged 12.3 points per game (second on the team) and was an honorable mention All-MWC performer. If the news comes as a surprise to you, you aren’t alone. In fact, even Austin seemed surprised by the decision, as he told the Press-Tribune’s BJ Rains:

“My family thought about it after the season and mentioned it to me. I was set on coming back to Boise State, but my family continued to talk to me and gave me different reasons and basically said we think this would be the best idea for us, transferring."

Austin is now free to talk to other schools about transferring now that his “family” has decided he should move on. Paris was tight-lipped when questioned about any further slights or motivations for his departure, so we’ll just have to put on the sad Charlie Brown music and go about our day.

Now, how about some good basketball news now that you’re feeling all your feelings? Today—as expected—senior-to-be Chandler Hutchison announced that he would be returning for his final season with the Broncos after filing paperwork to remove his name from draft consideration. NCAA rules for basketball are a bit different as players can submit their name to the league as a potential draftee but remain eligible to return to school as long as they don’t hire an agent or let the clock run out. According to Boise State’s official press release, Hutchison was glad to have gone through the process, which started for him on April 10th.

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunities, interest and feedback I received from many NBA teams," said Hutchison. "The time is right to put my focus back on winning a Mountain West Championship. Everything I learned the last month will help me be a better player, teammate and future draft pick."

Hutchison could be in for an epic senior season now that he won’t have pesky underclassmen stealing any of his points, right? RIGHT?!