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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State APR; Vote for Sadi Henderson; top 25 worries

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When does a joke become a dad joke?

When it becomes apparent.


Sadi Henderson won the Oregon Twilight 800m last week. You need to help her win the HERO of the week.

I feel as though this is a worthy cause and we need to do what we can to get her the W!

Broncos doing learning good

Gooder? The goodest? There is actually a lot to unpack about the APR scores. The fact that the footballer Broncos are second in the Mountain West (only to Air Force’s 995) is impressive (27th in the FBS). Yes, even higher than Nevada AND Colorado State. I know. I am in shock too.

But this goes a bit further than that.

Check out some graphs that the good folks at RedditCFB put together:

And then there is this next one.

The schools with teams with perfect APRs:

The Broncos are in some pretty decent company at five teams with perfect 1000s.

And what makes this all the more better (...right?)?

I take no schadenfreude from students not succeeding in school. Being honest? Regardless of where these guys go, I don’t want their ability to get an education, or be educated, to be impacted. What I do chuckle about are those who would deride Boise State for being a “trucker” school but have struggles in their own institutions.

At any rate, congratulations to all of the student-athletes that are succeeding in school. It can suck.

Biggest worry for every top 25 team

The blurb for Boise State is... interesting? I am being polite as I say that. Not really much there for “concerns.”

Bronco Golfer Brian Humphreys may be playing in the U.S. Open?

Well. Who knows. There is still a TON of golf for him still to play. But he’s closer than I am (or ever would be). So there’s that.


It’s SuperBad.