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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: NCAAFB upsets; Boise State and west coast QBs

Colorado State v Nevada Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

What happens if a frog parks illegally?

They get toad.

7 FCS vs FBS football matchups that may be upsets

Boise State is not on this list. BUT a team from the Mountain West Conference is. Any loss by a Mountain West team to an FCS team would be... troubling. So hopefully it does not happen? While the schadenfreude would be hilarious, the MWC does not need the bad publicity.

Yahoo post-spring power rankings

Via Sports Illustrated? I will save you some time: No Boise State. But still good to see what other teams are on here.

QBs rule the west coast

The folks at Fan Rag Sports review the QBs on, well, the west coast. Brett Rypien makes the obligatory appearance. And future first round draftee, Josh Allen, makes it to the list.


Become a gnome. Well all right.