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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Extensive Spring Game Coverage, New 800M Record, Softball Series Finale Today

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Boise State football players engage in a tug of war at halftime of the Bronco Spring Game
Michael Johnson,

Boise State Spring Game Coverage

Actual, written recap of the event can be found here

The rest of the fun:

Up close of the tug of war

Aerial view of same

Keep in mind that this chart only has like 2 returning starters on offense involved

Chase Blakely doing things big TEs shouldn’t be able to do...

Coach Harsin, postgame, in which he revealed that the injury that dropped Jake Roh was likely a high ankle sprain and nothing to be too concerned about long term.

Lastly, a SOLID point

Oh and, just for fun, Michael Katz threw together a little reel with DE Durrant Miles

Another week, another Sadie Henderson record

Series now tied at 1