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Boise State Spring Game livethread

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Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Here we are folks. The last bit of football until fall camp. To bide that time, we will have the OBNUG countdown to the start of real football. For now we will just have to hold dear this game. I will update this as much as possible (though my computer has apparently taken a dump).

This should be fun for everyone. Lets football!!

(Note: sorry about these not being overly detailed. Just trying to keep up. The Broncos going so fast!!!)

First series

Play one: Jake Constantine (Boise State) Robert Mahone got the first carry to the right. Loss of two.

Play two: Mahone carry to the left. Gain of five.

Play three: Jake Constantine pass broken up.

Play four: Punt

Second series

One: Brett Rypien (Broncos) at QB. Pass play, but its broken. Rypien runs with the ball and gets back to the line of scrimmage.

Two: Ryan Wolpin carries to the left, gain of three.

Three: Rypien pass to Jake Roh for a gain of 13.

Four: Rypien pass to Bryan Jefferson for a gain of 8.

Five: Wolpin rushes for 8.

Six: Rypien pass to Pistone which falls incomplete.

Seven: Rypien passes to Chase Blakley for 2 yards.

Eight: Rypien pass to Sean Modster for no gain which brings up 4th and 8 and a punt.

Third Series

One: Constantine hands off to Robert Mahone, but he fumbles the ball. Offense recovers.

Two: Constantine pass incomplete to Bates.

Three: Constantine 8 yard pass to Bates

Four: Rush for Mahone on fourth down. No gain. Leighton Vander Esch and Tyson Maeva stop.

Fourth series

One: Rypien passes to Wolpin for 11 yards.

Two: Rypien pass to Jefferson for 8 yards.

Three: Wolpin rush for no gain.

Four: Jake Roh catch for a first down.

Five: Rypien pass to Sean Modster for 9.5 yards.

Six: Wolpin for a four yard carry.

Seven: Wolpin rush for no gain.

Eight: Wolpin carries for a great TD.

Fifth series

One: Jake Constantine pass to AJ Richardson for 34 yards.

Two: False start.

Three: Constantine to Mahone is incomplete. 2nd and 15.

Four: Constantine to David McKinzie for 11 yards.

Five: Richardson catches a ball for four yards and a first down.

Six: Constantine throws pass away. Leighton Vander Esch with the pressure.

Seven: Constantine pass incomplete and there is a holding on the play.

Eight: Constantine pass to McKinzie.

Nine: Constantine pass to Mahone and Mahone is dropped for a loss.

Ten: 35 field goal attempt for Joel Velazquez. Real short.

Sixth series

One: Rypien to Chase Blakley for five yards.

Two: Rypien to Modster and a 9 yard gain.

Three: Wolpin for loss and a 4th and two.

Four: Punt for Joel Velazquez and a touchback.

Seventh series

One: Constantine to Mahone for six yards.

Two: Mahone carry for a first down

Three: Constatine pass incomplete.

Four: Mahone Carry and a fumble, offense recovers.

Five: Constine to McKinzie for incomplete.

Six: Constantine to Knight but is broken up on fourth down.

Eighth series

One: Wolpin rushes for a 16 yard gain and first down.

Two: Rypien overthrows Modster by quite a bit.

Three: Wolpin catches a Rypien pass for 6 yards.

Four: Wolpin rushes for two.

Five: Wolpin rushes for another two and a first down.

Six: Rypien pass to Modster.

Seven: Wolpin rushes for a gain of five yards.

Eight: Curtis Weaver sacks Rypien. Velazques hits a FG: Broncos lead 10-3.

Ninth series

One: Jake Shaddox rushes for a carry of one. Durrant Miles and Sonatone Lui make the tackle.

Two: Jake Constantine gets sacked by Tyson Maeva for a loss of six.

Three: Constantine scrambles for three.

Four: Fourth down and a punt for Joel Velazquez.

Tenth series

(I missed this series, so this is a bit of a mess.)

One: Rypien pass to Sean Modster

Two: Rypien pass to Bryan Jefferson

Three: Rypien pass intended for Modster, but it is intercepted.

Eleventh series

One: Jake Constantine pass to AJ Richardson.

Two: Constantine pass broken up.

Three: Constantine pass to John Bates for 12 yards.

Four: Constantine with another pass to AJ Richardson.

Five: Constantine to Akilian Butler for seven yards. 3rd and 3.

Six: Constantine pass incomplete.

Seven: Boise State goes for it on fourth down. Constantine with a pass that sails incomplete.

Twelfth series

One: Rypien pass to Bubba Ogbebor for a deep route on the left sideline. Falls incomplete, but there is a pass interference call on the defense.

Two: Rypien to Ogbebor for 8 yards.

Three: Rypien to Christian Blaser but falls incomplete.

Four: Halftime is about to start so Velazquez to kick a field goal. Avery Williams tries for a “kick six.” Catches it but only makes it to about the 50 yard line before being brought down.

Halftime entertainment

The Tug-of-war

A bit of the tug-of-war aerial view.

Thirteenth series

One: Rypien handoff to Wolpin. Wolpin gains 2 yards. A stop by Chase Hatada.

Two: Rypien to Bryan Jefferson. Reid Harrison-Ducross for the tackle. Gain of five.

Three: Rypien’s pass is incomplete (not sure to whom).

Four: Joel Velazquez to punt.

Fourteenth series

One: Constantine to Jake Shaddox for 3 yards.

Two: Shaddox rushes, but losses 2 yards.

Three: Constantine pass goes incomplete.

Four: Another punt.

Fifteenth series

One: Wolpin carries for 9 yards.

Two: Bad snap to Rypien. Rypien is able to fall on the ball.

Three: Rypien passes to Chase Blakley for a first down.

Four: Wolpin rushes the ball for no gain. But there is a penalty that sends the Broncos back for a 2nd and 15.

Five: Rypien pass to Wolpin good for 7 yards.

Six: Rypien to Blakley but it is incomplete on a fourth down try. Turnover on downs.

Sixteenth series

One: Constantine pass to John Bates for five yards.

Two: Constantine pass to AJ Richardson

Three: Constantine to Jake Shaddox for 8 yards and a first down.

Four: Constantine pass to Jake Knight but there is a great pass break up (not sure who broke it up).

Five: Constantine pass to Akilian Butler misses.

Six: Joel Velazquez attempts 41-yard FG but misses.

Seventeenth series

One: Rypien passes to Modster for 18 yards.

Two: Rypien passes, again, to Modster for another 6 yards.

Three: Rypien passes to Alec Dhaenens and brings up third and inches on the next play.

Four: Wolpin gets the first down on a three yard rush.

Five: Wolpin rushes for a gain of four.

Six: Rypien is “sacked” (QBs are not live so he’s just tagged) for a third and five.

Seven: Rypien to Chase Blakley for another first down. It is a great play as Blakley leaps over a defender to get another couple of yards.

Eight: Wolpin carries inside the five.

Ten: Second down and three on the 4-yard line. Rypien’s throws a pass that is incomplete.

Eleven: Rypien throws another pass to Bubba Ogbebor, but that also goes incomplete.

Twelve: Joel Velazquez field goal. 13-0 Broncos

Eighteenth series

One: Christopher Hutchings now in. He rushes, but is a loss on the play.

Two: Rathen Ricedorff is in and runs for 5 yards.

Three: Ricedorff pass to AJ Richardson complete (not sure of yardage, but short of first down).

Four: Ricedorff throws another pass, but it is incomplete. Robert Lewis with the pass break up on fourth down.

Nineteenth series

One: It seems like they give the Boise State team another chance. Richardson from Ricedorff for 8 yards.

Two: Hutchings rushes for 5 yards. Penalty for late hit adds to the play.

Three: Hutchings rushes for another five yards.

Four: Ricedorff for an 11 yard rush from the 11 and gets the TD.

Broncos win 13 to 7 against Boise State