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Boise State Game Balls for week of March 26th

Olympics: Gymnastics-Rhythmic Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Another athletic week in the books. Here we go.

Game Ball One:

Rebekah Cervantes (softball)

The Broncos avoided a series sweep last week against Fresno State. On Sunday, Ms. Cervantes had two hits, two runs, and one RBI in the contest. The Broncos are hanging tough in a lot of these games and Cervantes is a big reason.

Game Ball Two:

Brian Tran (tennis)

The struggles continue for the Bronco men’s tennis team. But last week one athlete shined in to matches. Mr. Tran won his doubles and singles matches against Eastern Washington. Then, against UC Santa Barbara, he did lose his doubles match, but still came away with a win in the singles. The doubles matchup was against the no. 9 ranked doubles players in the country so the competition was pretty decent.

Game Ball Three:

Shani Remme (gymnastics)

This is a frustrating one as the Broncos had to go to a regional matchup at the home of the eventual second-place team, Nebraska. While the team did not make nationals (you have to get top two and LSU finished first and the Broncos finished third) Ms. Remme will be representing the Broncos at nationals in the all-around. Her second year to do so. She’s been pretty spectacular all year, so this comes as no surprise.

Game Ball Four:

Manda Hicks (speech and debate)

I know, I know. This one is a bit of a break from the usual stuff. Not only are we honoring a coach, but we are also honoring someone who is not necessarily in the realm of athletics. But the fierceness of competition? That IS in this realm. Manda Hicks is an associate professor at Boise State and the Director of Forensics for (and this is a direct lift from her Boise State profile) the Reigning Pi Kappa Delta National Champions The “Talkin’ Broncos.” The Talkin’ Broncos have won four national championships in a row. And the individual performances? The Broncos had three all-American honorees. While the competitors should get a good chunk of credit, you still need the coaching, direction, and structure to succeed. And Ms. Hicks has been able to provide that for the Talkin’ Broncos. Also: the home-grown talent for speech and debate is pretty exceptional as well. Idaho, and specifically the Treasure Valley, produced all three of the all-Americans. Congratulations to the team and to Hicks.

(Note: I am also a week behind on this particular one considering this happened almost two weeks ago. Mea culpa. Didn’t even think to add them and that’s a mistake on my part.)

Game Ball Four:

Allie Ostrander (track & field)

We have made much ado about Ms. Ostrander for a pretty good reason: she’s earned it. To try a tough race, as a rust-buster, and wins it handily? Then gets called a “game changer” for American distance running? Saved the best for last on this one. Not sure what other adjectives we can use for “really awesome” and “pint-sized” but we will have to break out the thesaurus pretty here real soon.

Your Turn

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