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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: FloTrack ranks Boise State runners; QB Stats; Coaching awards

Cross Country: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What does a witch use to do math?

A cackle-ator.

Boise State women’s tennis now as a top 100-ranked athlete

Anja Dokic clocks in at no. 83. Congratulations Ms. Dokic at being pretty good at this whole tennis thing.

Boise State gymnastics coaches receive a nice honor

As the co-head coaches of the year, it’s a well-deserved honor. The Broncos just barely missed a chance to get into nationals, but the Broncos had a pretty exceptional year. Congratulations to these two.

You like stats? You like college QBs? How about stats about college QBs?

Because this has some nice comparisons. Has the QBs broken up in some categories and tells a bit of a story here. Some good stuff.

Fresno State picking some... interesting... ways to get attention

Not even sure what to say at this one. While I assume these particular graphics are just to get attention (mission accomplished?) they are just plain weird. I guess in the same vein as the Lane Kiffin FAU video they are meant to get people talking about Fresno State. See for yourself and judge I suppose.

FloTrack has come out with individual rankings

Boise State runners Allie Ostrander and Brenna Peloquin make appearances. Ostrander is underrated if you ask me.


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