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Second Bronco off the board as Tanner Vallejo is selected by the Buffalo Bills

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The late rounds have been friendly to the Broncos in this years draft as former (sob) Boise State linebacker Tanner Vallejo just came off the board and is headed to the Buffalo Bills. Jeremy McNichols was the first Boise State alum (again, this is weird to type) to come off the board as he was selected by Dirk Koetter and the Buccaneers in the 5th round. Vallejo is the first Boise State linebacker to be selected in the NFL Draft since Korey Hall in the 2007 Draft (although a few other Bronco defensive ends have played or ‘projected’ as LBs at the next level). Of course, Hall ended up switching sides and playing fullback for the Green Bay Packers, so it would be awesome if Vallejo stays where he’s planted and becomes a key contributor in the league at the LB position.

The draft isn’t quite over yet, so hopefully we’ll see some more Broncos get the call or sign free agent contracts...and as a reminder, we’ve had undrafted guys become Pro Bowlers, so if you see their names cross the wire—all is not lost.

Congrats, Tanner...we’ll be rooting for you!