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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! McNichols’ Path To Draft, Allie Running Today (She Rules), Women’s Tennis Ends

Cross Country: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

McNichols’ path to NFL draft

Today’s fun fact on day 2 of the NFL draft

This is both awesome...and a little sad.

Fastest man in combine history and McNichols are great friends

McNichols was pleased to see his friend (he of the ludicrous 4.22 40 yard dash time) drafted in the first round. Speaking of McNichols and the draft, there’s an outside shot he’s taken in the draft today, but as has been the story most of the off-season, this class is brimming with an almost comical level of talent at running back. Because of this, NFL teams can basically set their filters and not even look at RBs that don’t meet their specific, desired physical dimensions, so Jeremy is more likely to be drafted on day 3. That’s right. He’s being Kellen’d. Regardless, between his talent and work ethic, he’s going to make some team look very smart some day for taking a chance on him. Best of luck, McWeapon.

Track meet today

Allie Ostrander’s gonna be there. So much for all the other schools’ also-rans. Ha!...Also ran. At a track meet. Heh heh heh.

What?? If Darth Vader is allowed to make dad jokes, so am I!


On a related and equally critical note, Butters is my second favorite Southpark character!

...Randy is number 1. Obviously.

* sigh * Well...we take the bad with the good

Ending on a high note!