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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Men’s golf gets third; Brian Humphreys wins; WTN wins; Softball loses

PGA: Valero Texas Open - Final Round Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Why were the dark ages called the dark ages?

Because there were so many knights.

Bronco men’s golf gets third at the MWC Championships

But Brian Humphreys walks away with the individual title.

The team only fell to UNLV by two strokes. In what was a hotly contested tournament throughout. Mr. Humphreys has been lighting up scene, as a true freshman, all year. And this tournament was no different.

Congratulations to Mr. Humphreys and the rest of the Broncos. Maybe they will be able to pull away a win next year.

Bronco softball loses series to San Diego State

Kind of a bummer really. Brings the Broncos to 7-10 in the MWC. But, hey, whaddyagonnado? Can’t win them all.

Speaking of not winning them all...

Bronco beach volleyball lost as well in their season finale in Washington. The loss puts the Broncos at 5-6 on the season. Which mirrors their last season. The success from the hard court to the beach hasn’t quite carried over for the Broncos but this is only the fourth season for the Broncos playing on the sand. Coach Shawn Garus has his crew playing at a high level, and some serious competition, so it is just a matter of time.

We are going to end this on a high note

Women’s tennis beats the College of Idaho Coyotes. FACE!

Former Bronco Cory Young does well at NAU spring game

Good for Mr. Young to head somewhere he can make an impact right away. Wish he would have stayed, but he probably saw the writing on the wall. I hope he continues his strong showing at NAU.


Pay for nothing. Looks legit to me.