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‘Closed’ Spring Scrimmage Interviews And Analysis

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Boise, Idaho

Today the Broncos concluded another week of Spring Ball with a closed scrimmage to get a gauge as to where the team is at this point. Following the scrimmage, the coordinators, as well as Tyler Horton and Ryan Wolpin, addressed the media to discuss the ‘game’ they had just played, and to talk a little bit about how Spring Camp has progressed.

Defensive Coordinator, Andy Avalos

Key Takeaways (Ha! I see what I did there):

  • Acknowledged that the scrimmage wasn’t the best the defense had played so far, but that it was a good thing in a way. After giving up a few touchdowns, he’s eager to see how this young defense responds to a little adversity. He said he thinks it was due to a lack of energy, and wants to use it as a teaching tool for what happens when you don’t maintain that energy.
  • Mentioned as emerging leaders and playmakers Leighton Vander Esch, Tyler Horton, David Moa, Durrant Miles, Tyson Maeva and even...Sam Whitney.
  • Discussed Horton’s development and his excellent practice the day before (2 picks).
  • Highlighted the development of OLB, Desmond Williams (had a pick to end 2-minute drill the day before).

Offensive Coordinator, Zak Hill

Key Takeaways

  • Very complementary of Jake Constantine, including mention of his surprising scrambling ability.
  • Wolpin singled out as an exemplary player in regards to consistency and toughness (as Wolpin was walking around behind him with Tyler Horton).
  • Both Hill and Avalos have went out of their way to talk about how some of the players are really taking on ownership of self-development and helping the younger guys.

#14 cornerback, Tyler Horton

Key Takeaways:

  • In listening to Tyler talk, it is really apparent that he has developed a lot of confidence and has moved into that leadership role that Avalos has given him credit for recently.
  • Highly complementary of the other presumptive starting corner, Mike Young. Said that he’s excelled because he’s not afraid to ask coaches when he has a weakness in his understanding of an aspect of the game.
  • Also extremely impressed with how much Reid Harrison-Ducros has stepped up.

#30 running back, Ryan Wolpin

Key Takeaways

  • No particularly revelatory declarations in his interview, but in listening to him talk, it’s extremely apparent that he’s a bright kid with humility and clearly embraces the challenge of the work he puts in. I’m going to predict that he’ll surprise some people this season.