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Boise State to drop wrestling, pursue baseball

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

What has been the goal, and somewhat the dream, for many Boise State-affiliated folks in the valley is to finally bring baseball to Boise State. And not just a club team, but a varsity sport.

Today, the school announced just that intention.

The Boise State administration has decided to move on from wrestling to bring a full-fledged school-sponsored baseball team.

With that, the wrestling squad gets the unfortunate ax. Which has to be massively disappointing, and frustrating, for Head Coach Mike Mendoza, the first year HC who replaced long-time HC Greg Randall this year. The Bronco wrestling team had finished a disappointing 2-9 this year.

One has to assume that the Broncos will also be in on the new multi-use athletic stadium in downtown Boise. The project would have probably been built without th backing of Boise State, but this all but ensures it moves forward.

This is more of a good news/bad news situation. With the addition of baseball it gives the university an opportunity to align better with the rest of the Mountain West Conference. With the addition of Boise State, it would bring the baseball-playing schools to eight.

Good luck to all the wrestlers affected by this transition.

As for any of the other main questions about this transition, Boise State has posted a brief Q&A.