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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Sadi Henderson gets honored; Bob Kustra in the Hall of Fame

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Track and Field: 50th Arcadia Invitational Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I went into a boxing ring the other day.

There is no punchline here.

Sadi Henderson earned a Mountain West Conference honor

Earning a school record in a race would appear to be a boon for this sort of thing. Congratulations to Ms. Henderson on getting this award. One that, I assume, is second only to this one.

Men’s golf finishes ninth

There were eleven teams. So I am not sure how to interpret these results. Though, I will say, they did way better than Westminster College. Jeez Louise....

Boise Chamber of Commerce gives Bob Kustra an award

I guess all his work in ensuring that the University of Idaho had to take off the “flagship” notation paid off!

In all seriousness the work he’s done into getting Boise State to the stature it currently has is pretty remarkable. Using the football team as a vehicle to success has really paid off.

Now about that whole “getting into a P5 conference” thing...

Just an article about Jeremy McNichols

Just some fun stuff about his inspirations and such. Gosh I hope he gets drafted in an early round.


I know there may not be a ton of crossover here, but you interested in ugly Dragon Ball Z merchandise?